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Order Information

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Taro in USA

To place an order
Send us an order by fax, or US mail as shown on our contact us page.

You can also order by EDI
To set up EDI transactions or resolve any transmission problems, contact Taro’s Systems Analyst/EDI Coordinator at EDI@taro.com. Please identify a telephone contact, name and phone number, along with your specific inquiry.

Minimum order requirements – Taro label

  • Our minimum Taro-label order is $500.
  • Products must be ordered in Full Cases.


Minimum order requirements – Private label


  • Private-label arrangements require an annual commitment of 20,000 units on most items; we ask for a 12-month revolving forecast. Certain SKUs require an annual commitment of up to 100,000 units.
  • The minimum for individual orders placed against the annual commitment is $500.
  • Products ordered in less than the required minimums will be rounded up to the next multiple.

Initial private-label orders have a lead-time of 16 weeks from receipt of approved artwork.

Order status inquiries
To check the status of an order, call our Customer Service Department. Please have available your Account number, Purchase Order number, order date, and other pertinent information. You are welcome always to fax us.